Weaselface was formed in september 1995. In october the same year they secured a record deal with Rosa Honung Rec.
The band entered the famous Sunlight Studio in december 1995, which resulted in the bands debut album "Fuck You", a Fred "Terror" Estby engineering/Tomas Skogsberg-production released in early 96.
The line-up at the time was Matt Slammer - Guitar & Vocals, ”Mick Sabotage 81" Billy Saurell - Drums, and Klubba Klevborn - Bass & Anti. A lot of gigs followed and the band played numerous shows with, among others, Hellacopters, Silver Machine, Haystack, A-Bombs and 69 Eyes.

In october 1996 the band had a nervous breakdown and had a small vacation until march 1997 when the band again entered Sunlight Studios and recorded a bunch of punkrockfavourites, among them Sex Pistols "Seventeen" and "We are the league" by Anti-Nowhere League. A whole album was planned but never released and due to the disappointment of that fact the original line-up split up.

1998 was a silent year for the band. Matt Slammer kept on rocking in different constellations where he at last met up with drummer Pat The Rat. They started rehearsing for a new album and started recording it, but due to The Rats working hours he could only participate in a third of the album. The rest of the songs the drums were contributed by Billy Saurell and B-Head Recordboss Nicke ”Två Pannkakor Hög” Lilltroll. When the album was released as "Welcome To Punk Rock City" Matt Slammer and The Rat had hooked up with bassist Jimmy W from the mighty gothrockers Malaise and second guitarist, the former death metalman Jesper ”Sailorman” Bood.

The first recording together resulted in a song on the Hanoi Rock tribute recorded by the majestic Stefan at SubSonic in Upplands Väsby. At this point the new line-up performed live a couple of times which resulted in total catastrophe since The Rat wasn´t exactly eager to rehearse and his alcoholabusive style made him an infamously poor drummer on stage. The band took a break again to find a new drummer… They found Mikal, the old rock´n´roller/drunkard from Los Bohemos, and together with him they recorded the classic Motörheadsong "Bomber" for a tributealbum which came out pretty good. That made them so happy that they locked them selves up in a cage and made three more songs for a promo. The songs known as ”Rocketfuel Injection”, ”Fire In The House Mutha” and ”Rocker Of The Golden Age#8221; were once again put on tape in Sunlight studios a sweaty weekend the year 2001.

The band also recorded a video for their great hitsong ”Gimme A Fix” in 2001! Due to parenthood the Sailor moved out in the country shortly afterwards and started focusing on his next project, the psychobillyact The Something From Arizona. Next in line to handle the axe is T. Weasel & the new guy behind the drums is Timmy Snare. Right about now the band is in the studio doing the final mix of their next full-length album, working on a video, still in the rock´n´rollvein, still very scary! And Mikal is still suffering a hangover!