Weaselface / Aces Only 2002


WEASELFACE:Aces only - CD, Pink Honey Records
A cool band from Sweden in to a mixture of punkrock and hardrock....some tracks are more in to punk, and some more in to hard rock....damned good anyway!
It might sound silly that they do a cover of Melanie C, but the WEASELFACE version is really great....so damned heavy and cool.
You get 18 tracks + a video track, and all 18 tracks are great, havent seen the video track yet, but I will.
Anyway, if youre in to a mixture of punkrock and hardrock or just some cool punkrock or hardrock - Get this one!


Jerome Broucke 31-12-2002

Not stingy for a penny, this Swedish band has stuffed this CD of everything for what hard/punk/rock fans, who must wander somewhere on our beautiful blue planet, dream of one day finding. The others will come back. This album pinpoints a few covers: Motorhead , Joey Ramone  or Mel C.  a video clip and borrowed titles, over the past few years. Those interested in this kind of rock should find their cats, and already salivate at the beers they can ingest and the aches they are likely to cause, during the next visit near their home. Lucky kids!



Arton låtar party musik signerad Stockholm är vad som en dag damp ner i brevlådan. Vad passade dessutom bättre än att öppna med en cover på MOTÖRHEADs ”Bomber”!?. Att bandets inspirerats av HELLACOPTERS och dylika garage band är troligen något inte ens bandet skulle komma på tanken att neka till. Men det är heller inget att skämmas över. Så länge de släpper stänkare som den här plattan behöver de inte vara oroliga. Sen så har de fått till ett riktigt partysound på sina låtar. 


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