Weaselface / 5 - 2004

"Swedish sleazy punk rockers Weaselface was formed in September of 1995 and within just a month time they had secured a record deal with Rosa Honung Records. In December of 1995 they entered Sunlight Studio to record the debut album Fuck You with Red Estby and Tomas Skogsberg. After several line-up changes and more recordings, live shows etc it was time to record their fifth album, simply called "5". The band performs some nice rock n roll mixed with garage rock and punk. This is a band that aren’t ashamed of anything and they take influences from both the hardrock field and the punk rock scene and they do it really good. It feels dirty and greasy at the same time as it has a great party vibe. Traces from The Hellacopters, Motorhead and The Ramones can all be heard in here."

Track list:

1. Bad Habitz
2. By Your Side
3. Missile Lover
4. Broken
5. Naked
6. Johnny
7. Born To Loze
8. Nightmares
9. Supersonic
10. Shooter
11. Misfit
12. Suicide Solution