"Weaselface's music video for "Gimme Hell," a track from their album "Armed & Misfit," is a gritty exploration of psychological turmoil and the darker sides of existence. Set against a backdrop of a padded room suggestive of confinement and inner chaos, the video delves into themes of hellish descent, drug-induced haze, and deteriorating mental health."

"Central to the video is footage of the singer in the cellar of a mental institution, symbolizing the inner turmoil and struggles with sanity. It's a haunting portrayal of the human psyche pushed to its limits, set against a backdrop of relentless guitar riffs and pounding drums."

"The band's unmistakable blend of punk rock, hard rock, and action-packed performance is on full display, with frenetic live footage capturing the raw energy of their music. Guitars scream, drums thunder, and the bass provides a solid, driving force throughout."

"Drawing inspiration from iconic bands like The Stooges, Hellacopters, Turbonegro, and Sex Pistols, Weaselface infuses the track with elements of action rock, dirty rock 'n roll, and sleazy rock 'n roll. The influence of Johnny Thunders, New York Dolls, and AC/DC adds a gritty authenticity to their sound."

"Gimme Hell" is a visceral journey through the darkest recesses of the mind, a sonic assault that leaves a lasting impression of intensity and raw emotion. Weaselface's uncompromising blend of punk and hard rock delivers a powerful message about the fragility of the human condition and the depths of despair.



you are a wolf child

you are a wolf

search the answer of the life


you want to se
the unseen

you want the days of your life

in the air you walk
in the shadow,

in the shadow
of your life

Loser you are a fucked up loser
Loser you are a fucked up loser

Loser you fucked up loser
Loser you fucked up loser

hey god where are you, hey Jesus fuck you

Loser you are a fucked up loser ( loser)

Loser you are a fucked up loser ( loser)

Loser you fucked up loser ( loser)

Loser you fucked up loser




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